Call Number  : 929.2 STI
Location  : Reading Room Individual Families
Title  : Stiles Family In America
Sub title  : Genealogies of the Connecticut Family Descendants of John Stiles of Windsor, Conn., and of Mr. Francis Stiles of Windsor and Stratford, Conn., 1635-1894; Also The Connecticut New Jersey Families 1720-1894; and the Southern (or Bermuda-Georgia) Family 163
Author  : Stiles, Henry Reed
Subjects  : Genealogy
Phys Desc  : Hardbound, red cover
Publish Date  : 1895
Publisher  : Doan & Pilson, Printers
Publish place  : 54 Montgomery Street, Jersey City, New Jersey
Notes  : 782 pages, Table of Contents, and Index.
People  : Stiles/
Catalog Date  : 01-Jul-08