Call Number  : 929.2 SWING
Location  : Reading Room Individual Families
Title  : Biographical Sketches of Eminent Men Events In The Life And History Of The Swing Family
Sub title  : Examples of Indomitable Energy and Perseverance. Portraits Of A Few Prominent Persons Who Settled In Early Times In The Counties Of Salem And Cumerland, N.J. Brief Memorials Of Their Lives.
Author  : Swing, Gilbert S.
Subjects  : Genealogy
Phys Desc  : Hardbound, red cover
Publish Date  : 1889
Publisher  : Graw, Garrigues & Graw, Printers
Publish place  : No. 131 Federal Street, Camden, New Jersey
Notes  : 199 pages and Table of Contents.
People  : Swing/
Catalog Date  : 01-Jul-08