Call Number  : 922.2 SAL
Location  : Reading Room Bible Records
Title  : Salem County Bible Records
Sub title  : Collection Of Family Information From Ancestral Bibles Of Salem County
Author  : The Genealogical Society of Salem County, Inc. New Jersey
Subjects  : Genealogy
Phys Desc  : Hardbound, green cover
Publish Date  : 2003
Publisher  : Academy of Graphic Design in Multimedia Technology
Publish place  : Pennsville Memorial High School, Pennsville, New Jersey 08070
Notes  : 185 pages, Table of Contents, and Index.
People  : Abbott/Ackley/Acton/Adcock/Ale/Allen/Archer/Armstrong/Ashton/Avis/Ayars/Baker/Ballinger/Bates/Bilderback/Boone/Broks/Buck/Burt/Buzby/Casperson/Chadwich/Cleary/Clement/Cole/Coles/Conover/Cook/Curriden/Dammer/Davenport/Davis/Dolbow/Dubois/Duffel/Dunham/Elw
Catalog Date  : 30-Sep-08