Moravian Church

The Moravian Church at Oldman’s Creek, located at 2641 Kings Highway, Woolwich Township, New Jersey, is a Georgian style meetinghouse built and used by a Swedish Moravian congregation from 1789 to 1807. For 100 more years, it served the Episcopalian Diocese and Trinity Church as a site for summer services and Sunday schools. In 1948, GCHS took ownership of the building and has been stewarding the site ever since.

Our recent efforts focus on not only preserving the property; we also aim to thoughtfully create a location that serves the community and offers unique experiences as a heritage tourism location. We are indebted to the New Jersey Historic Trust, Kennedy Investment Group, and our many donors who continue to support this project as we repair the bricks and mortar and uncover the history of this unique location.

Moravian Church Photo Gallery